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Hi and welcome to the Warrington Roleplaying Gamers site.

We are so sorry but at the moment we have far too few GMs and too many players. This means it is very difficult to book on to a game.

We are very sorry for this and will welcome GMs with open arms ;-)

We are a social gaming group that meets on a Monday evening to enjoy a few hours relaxing together and playing tabletop roleplaying games.

The sessions usually start around 6.30 and last until about 10.30pm. We play a wide range of games and are open to trying new ones.

We always have a D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) game running and we also regularly play Savage Worlds (including Solomon Kane, the Paradimensionals, Space 1889, Pirates of the Spanish Main and a Zombie Apocalypse) and Star Wars RPG. Other games include Dark Heresy, Pathfinder and Traveller.

We even have our own D&D campaign world http://warlderia.yolasite.com/

We also throw in a few irregular, but frequent, Saturday wargames, using several different sets of rules. Sometimes these games are linked to the Monday night RPG sessions.

We usually run our games in blocks of six weeks to allow players and GMs to move around between games. We often have four games running each week and people can book themselves into the first session of the cycle on a first come first served basis ;-)

Our regular players have a broad spectrum of ages and experience, from twenty-something to slightly more mature (ahem).

Please contact us directly if you are a local player who enjoys GMing and would like to get involved.

Upcoming events (5+)

Shadows on the Ohio - Savage Worlds

Hollins Park Country Club

Continuation of this Savage Worlds Run

Under Strange Aeons - Dreaming of the Yellow King

Hollins Park Country Club

Count Haserton Lowls IV of Thrushmoor, a wealthy but unexceptional scholar, stumbled upon dark knowledge of occult magics. Becoming obsessed with the other worlds that these books spoke of, the Count committed more and more depraved acts to unlock the knowledge he sought. This culminated in the sacrifice of the minds of his own staff and retainers - leaving them in a fugue state in Briarstone Asylum. We rejoin our Party having escaped from Briarstone Asylum, returned to Thrushmoor and uncovered the Count's conspiracy from the seat of his house on Iris Hill. They have begun to realise that they themselves were Lowls's former retainers yet they still do not know how or why their minds were lost. What was in the trove of books and documents that the party looted from the halls of Iris Hill? What jobs did the count have our heroes enact on his behalf? How were their memories lost and what did the Count gain? All that is known is that the Count has left Thrushmoor[0] for Cassomir[1] - over a thousand miles to the south, at the mouth of the Sellen River. Our party remains in pursuit of Lowls - but for what end? Is his dabbling in dark magics a risk to innocents? Do they wish to reclaim their memories? Do they thirst for revenge? Whatever their reasons we continue our adventure seeking passage on the Sellen Starling - one of the few keelboats capable of making the journey through the Sellen Passage to Cassomir. # The Game Dreaming of the Yellow King is a Pathfinder adventure for up to 6 players of level 7. If you are joining with your previous character please ensure that they are updated to level 7 prior to starting. If you wish to bring a new character you have options available for your backstory: * A survivor of the asylum, rescued in our earlier adventures and nursed to health by Winter Klaszka of the Church of Pharasma. Maybe some of the memories that have been jogged by your ordeal remind you of the other members of the party or maybe you heard of the pursuit of Lowls and want revenge! * A member of the Sleepless Agency[2] - working with the party and Cesadia Wrentz - you have heard of the dark magics Lowls has been studying. Maybe you want Lowls brought to justice and defend the innocent, perhaps you want to retrieve his tomes of knowledge to further the aims of the agency or for your own veiled reasons. * A traveller on the Sellen Starling. You are a traveller or adventurer, passing through Thrushmoor and seeking to follow the Sellen Passage to another destination or possibly to Cassomir itself before being caught up in the hunt for Lowls. Please ensure that you have a level 7 character ready to go. You may use any class/race/feats from the Pathfinder Core Rules, Advanced Player Guide, Ultimate Combat/Magic. Horror/Occult Adventures. There is plenty of intrigue as well as combat so non-combat focussed builds will not be left out. Bring a character you want to play, make their story interesting and be rewarded for playing a role rather than being a meat filled beat stick. # The Rules Phones are banned at my table. If you're not interested and engaged with the story then that is a failing on my part as a DM. I expect my players to be present and attentive and in return I will do my best to keep you actively engaged and entertained. If you are not having fun - tell me. # The Warning This adventure contains themes of psychological and existential horror. It also contains body horror and mental impairment. Please let me know if any of these make you uncomfortable and we will work around it. ## Have you seen the yellow sign? ## [0] https://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Thrushmoor [1] https://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Cassomir [2] https://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Sleepless_Agency

Red Hand of Doom (D&D 3.5)

Hollins Park Country Club

Return of the ongoing campaign set in the Elsir Vale. Previous players get preference. Our heroes delve deeper into the Thane of Tiamat, aiming to stop Azur Khul completing the ritual that will bring the Dragon Queen herself to the Vale.

CANCELLED - D&D3.5: Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil

Hollins Park Country Club

I'm having a nightmare with meetup at the moment. The CURRENT timetable for this run is as follows: Monday 2nd March – NO GAME. Monday 10th March: Game as normal. Mondar 17th March: Game as normal. Monday 24th March: Game as normal. Monday 30th March – NO GAME. Monday 6th April: Game as normal. This is mainly aimed at returning players due to the amount of information now in the players hands. I plan keep the player group to a maximum size of 5. The characters are now getting to being of a relatively high level the monsters and NPCs are also significantly tougher. This means and the game becomes more difficult to run and combat can become quite slow as characters have a wealth of options and my knowledge high level clerical spells is limited as well as a couple of really tricky monsters to run. As a primer of what to expect from the next few sessions the players have now done a significant amount of damage to the temples in the crater ridge mines (earth and air routed and are deep into the fire temple although the actual temple has yet to be found). At this point two things happen: 1: The occupants of the outer fane become aware of what is happening and realise there is a major threat and that the events in the crater ridge mines represent much than the normal squabbling between the various temples. 2: A large part of the forces remaining in the crater ridge mines are withdrawn to aid in the defence of the outer fane. This means the remaining areas of the crater ridge mines will be relatively sparsely populated. The monsters will still be present but the majority of named NPCs will be withdrawn into the outer fane. The players basically have 2 options: 1: Continue in the crater ridge mines. 2: Try to enter the outer fane. Be aware that this area represents a step change in difficulty. It is also far more organised than the crater ridge mines but is also where a lot of the answers lie to the outstanding questions like: Who (or what) is behind the cult of the elder elemental eye? What is the “Great Church?” Who are “The Masters of All Consumption?” Who or what are “The Doomdreamers?” Ans most importantly of all: Why were ochre robed priests again seen in the region of Hommlet?

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Shadows on the Ohio Part 3 - Savage Worlds

Hollins Park Country Club

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