D&D3.5: Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil – Week 5.

This is a past event

6 people went


This is mainly aimed at returning players due to the amount of information now in the players hands. I plan keep the player group to a maximum size of 5. The characters are now getting to being of a relatively high level the monsters and NPCs are also significantly tougher. This means and the game becomes more difficult to run and combat can become quite slow as characters have a wealth of options and my knowledge high level clerical spells is limited as well as a couple of really tricky monsters to run.

As a primer of what to expect from the next few sessions the players have now done a significant amount of damage to the temples in the crater ridge mines (earth and air routed and are deep into the fire temple although the actual temple has yet to be found). At this point two things happen:

1: The occupants of the outer fane become aware of what is happening and realise there is a major threat and that the events in the crater ridge mines represent much than the normal squabbling between the various temples.
2: A large part of the forces remaining in the crater ridge mines are withdrawn to aid in the defence of the outer fane.

This means the remaining areas of the crater ridge mines will be relatively sparsely populated. The monsters will still be present but the majority of named NPCs will be withdrawn into the outer fane. The players basically have 2 options:

1: Continue in the crater ridge mines (possibly in the hope of finding a water temple and water key).
2: Try to enter the outer fane. Be aware that this area represents a step change in difficulty. It is also far more organised than the crater ridge mines but is also where a lot of the answers lie to the outstanding questions like:

Who (or what) is behind the cult of the elder elemental eye?
What is the “Great Church?”
Who are “The Masters of All Consumption?”
Who or what are “The Doomdreamers?”

Ans most importantly of all:

Why were ochre robed priests again seen in the region of Hommlet?