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Warriors of Ash is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. We teach Historical European Martial Arts, from un-armored combat to full Harnessfechten, as well as Viking Age combat reconstruction.

We teach numerous weapon sets, including Longsword, Long Axe, Round Shield, single sword, dagger, and more. We focus not just on technical skill with weapons but also the physical training of our fighters. The best of us make the traveling fight team, Prime, representing W.O.A. at national tournaments.

We have a unique training program, and each person decides for themselves what to get out of the experience. You can come to get in shape, practice technique, enjoy the camaraderie, or even go as far as to compete in local and national tournaments.​

WoA is an equal opportunity organization, and we do not discriminate against anyone whatsoever based on race, gender, religion, etc.

For more info check out warriorsofash.com

Beginner's Course is required for all new students.

To schedule a beginner's course please contact Lochlan

Upcoming events (4+)

Longsword Basics

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Longsword class with a focus on increasing the fighters technical ability. Be ready for a good workout and German longsword Tech.

Viking Combat

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We will be attempting to reconstruct the combat styles and techniques of pre medieval Scandinavia, using period accurate sparring safe weapons. Be ready for a workout, and bring any sparring gear you have, as well as plenty of water. Message me before each class if you need a shield or sword, first come first serve. All WoA COVID policies apply.

Beginner Course

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Our beginner course is a 2 part class. The classes land on the 1st and 2nd Sunday of every month.

The 1st class on the 1st Sunday of the month with be with Lochlan, going over the longsword.

The 2nd class on the 2nd Sunday of the month will be taught by Mike the Viking and will be on our Dark Ages combat.

After these 2 classes are completed all our classes for the remainder of the month will be open to you at no extra cost, as they are included in the beginner course package.

Check out Warriorsofash.com and go to the shop to sign up.

All classes after the beginner course require either covid vaccine or a negative test the day of chosen class.

Battle Technique (mixed weapon)

Needs a location

This is a Mixed Weapon class focusing on combative skill with your chosen weapon. We will be working on footwork, fitness, and techniques/tactics.

Please send a message if you need a weapon for class!

If you have never attended a WOA beginners class please schedule one before coming to an open class.

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Battle Technique (mixed weapon)

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