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SOUL TALKS (A Live Wellbeing Webinar)
Log on & get clarity & a new perspective with regards to all that you DESIRE! You are a SOUL who came into this world with a PURPOSE. Your PURPOSE is guided by your INTUITION so that you may enter, inhabit & live your TRUTH. Your alignment with your TRUTH is the source of all your happiness & satisfaction! This webinar's clear intent is to provide CLARITY & NEW PERSPECTIVES (via a Q&A Session) that will give you new insights and mastery over all areas of your LIFE. We live in a VIBRATIONAL Universe that is built on many irrefutable laws of Creation & Life. The inherent POWER that you hold within you, that is able to RESHAPE your reality, is only as strong as your understanding of these laws of LIFE, which are also the laws of the SOUL. Who you really are (beyond religious & societal premises, customs & biases) is far greater than what you believe you can be (or ought to be) in this world. Harry Ogbogu's teachings will give you new insights, clarity, and a deeper more loving understanding of who you are. This new KNOWING is the key to living that life that you know that you deserve! No question about life is off-limits. This is a Highly Interactive seminar so participants who are interested in getting answers must RSVP to be sent an invite to the online class. *** For more Information about WAYRA, please visit us at and register as a member ***You can also RSVP Here ------About Access to this Wokshop---- Please click on this link to join the online video conference: Meeting starts at 8:30 pm EDT . . Pls note that If you are connecting via a mobile device, you will be asked to download the FREE BlueJeans conferencing app. No Sign-Up is required. Simply select the option "JOIN THE APP" and it will automatically do the rest!

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What we're about

WHO ARE YOU REALLY ANYWAY? (WAYRA) is diverse community of people with a passion for realizing & actualizing higher states of emotional wellbeing.

WAYRA ( ) was founded to serve as a way to deliver new insights & clarity about the "path in the heart" via a NEW MODEL OF THINKING for anyone who wants a more profound sense of freedom, security & worthiness.

Your only purpose in life is to be YOU!

WAYRA is a space that advocates & supports the self-discovery of that purpose, far beyond the bias of religion or morality.

Here it will be fun for you to learn and practice how to live in your highest state of BEING, in order to manifest & experience your most loved, most blessed, most full & most abundant state of wellbeing, in everything that you define from your perspective as important, valued, desired or wanted.

Come and discover the true power & nature of your VIBRATIONAL BEING and the laws of the universe that govern the unfolding of your life's path.

Founded by Harry C. Ogbogu (Author/Teacher), It is this community's clear intention of acting in the service of your full wellbeing as your life's path unfolds and as you attain a powerful mind-shift in your perception about WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

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