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In our post-industrialized world, do we often find ourselves sacrificing health for wealth generation?

Long hours in front of a computer, sacrificing fresh for convenience, cramming in rest and indoor exercise, schedules that do not honor the rhythms of the body and nature?

However, there are ways to earn that does create room for the basic tenants of self-care.

More than that, having an effective, sustainable, and supportive way to generate wealth is an essential part of self-care.

In order to have true wellness - we need money. In today's world, we buy organic food, supplements, pay for health balancing treatments such as massage or acupuncture, yoga classes, or just to take time to meditate or go for a hike.

Often the way we earn takes up so much time and energy that we are left with very little that we can put towards self-care.

This meet-up is for those who are interested in creating financial freedom - while building community, and increasing wellness, and balance in one's life.

In this meetup series, we will explore referral-based marketing - a model of wealth generation that crates room for self-care and in itself, holds much that many of us already value:

Some of the benefits include:

- flexible hours

- choose your co-workers

- you are your own boss

- compensated for what humans do naturally - share

- no limit to what you can earn

- more equitable distribution of wealth

About us - We work with the Sunrider products. The product line has been in development for thousands of years. Its history stretches deep into dynastic China. Consistent with ancient Chinese philosophy, the Sunrider product line is organized into products that nourish, cleanse, and balance the body - Yin and Yang. Through this process of nourishing the body and cleansing by nourishing the cleansing systems, the body can be brought into balance. This is known as the "Philosophy of Regeneration".


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