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Our mission is to increase the financial literacy of Pennsylvanians through education and collaboration.

This group is not a pitch, and not intended to be a networking place for financial professionals seeking access to your "portfolio." It's a support group for like-minded, wanna-be future rat-race escapees!


Sounds simple, but in today's culture, one is encouraged to amass college, car, and house debts, then work for 40 years to pay them off. Choices diminish, and financial freedom (sometimes called retirement) becomes a much more difficult thing to achieve. More and more people are waking up to this realization, from lifers stuck in the rat race, to savvy young people who are seeking not to fall into this trap. It's never too late for better decisions to improve one's situation.

This group is intended to be a support group for people seeking ways to avoid, or get out of the debt/work trap. It is for those who would like to attack their current ratio of earning and spending, so they can start SAVING. Often the easiest way to approach this balance is by spending less, rather than finding ways to earn more. Topics for meetings might include:

• Tips for tracking/controlling your spending
• Tips for tracking and limiting your consumption of energy, and spending on other consumables
• Basic calculating for how soon you can retire based on spending
• Calculating benefits of owning vs renting
• Shared tips for reducing consumption
• Imagining life without work, and goal sharing
• Sharing new money-saving strategies and practices to save money
• Show and tell for members' progress escaping consumerism
• Value in minimalism, and ideas for simplifying one's life
• Investing for retirement for novices (real estate, stocks, etc)
• Discussion of books, readings, movies related to smarter living for early retirement
• Sharing resources and tips to save members money on those things that do need to be purchased

This group is inspired by the writing of others, including Mr. Money Mustache (http://mrmoneymustache.com) and Early Retirement Extreme (http://earlyretirementextreme.com). ERE-fans and Mustachians welcome!

Our group specializes in the use of self-directed retirement plans for non-traditional investments such as houses & apartments, (residential and commercial real estate), land, notes and mortgages, options, shares in LLC/LPs, tax liens/tax deeds, and precious metals as an example.

We will discuss various IRA custodians, and are looking for SPONSORS.

Part of a IRA custodians service is keeping records of all account transactions and preparing tax documents for clients.

Although we do not provide investment advice or sell any products, we work with professional advisors to help bring diversification to investors.

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