Financial Planning Fundamentals Session

This is a past event


Hello Wealth Producers!!

Other than regular cashflow game (We apologize for not having cashflow game during July due to our schedule conflict. We will resume cashflow game from this month), we will host special financial education session.

Topic: Financial Planning Fundamentals

Currently, we are facing economic tsunami that about to harm thousands if not millions of people financially. During such economic time, top 0.5% of wealthy is making sure to

1) Reduce tax obligation

2) Reduce market risk so that they never lose principal

3) make reasonable rate of return

4) Protect their assets

Top 0.5% of wealthy focus and invest on the asset that gives all of those benefits so that they can keep growing their wealth, while most people's wealth were slashed 50%.

It is very good chance to learn how basic financial foundation fit in entire wealth plan for the wealthy and most importantly what and how wealthy invest their money in this turbulent economic time.

As a bonus, we also teach other financial planning topics, such as long term care and college financial aid strategies as we also need to learn defense rather than offense.

PRICE Information:

Cost: This session is free of charge*

*We have life time financial education membership. If you are interested in keeping learning financial classes beyond this free class, then one time membership cost of $100.

Benefits of membership include:

- Unlimited financial education / entrepreneurial education

- Access to proprietary member website that access to bunch of financial knowledge / products / business building webinars and knowledge

- Unlimited financial advises

- Financial / investment environment that foster saving habit

Location information:

Please RSVP first and then we will give you an address as we only accept serious attendees that want to learn about financial knowledge as seat is limited. Event location is Arcadia area. We hope to see you at the event!