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CANCELLED : Rob Freeman - Empowerment To Say "NO" To Economic Enslavement

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Critical Mass Radio in association with WeAreChange Manchester and Freedom North West proudly presents Rob Freeman

Rob Freeman ..... Invites you to a full day Workshop to discover how easy it is to walk away from the Economic Enslavement that keeps us in Financial Servitude....every single day of our lives.

If we DO NOT pay the financial demands placed on us daily.....Will we get into trouble?.....Will we have our possessions taken away?.....Will it be impossible to feed ourselves and our families if we decide not to work to fill the Government's coffers?
The answer to ALL these questions and more is, of course, a massive.......NO!
What if there is a way to NOT PAY......
Council Tax....Bank Loans....Credit Cards....Income Tax....Parking Tickets....TV Licences....Water Rates....Even..Mortgages!
What if you could "OWN" your car outright....and be self-insured?
Well there is a way to do all ALL these financial demands are FRAUDULENT!
Join others in the process of awareness.....and get empowered now!

Do not miss this History-Changing Presentation.....

For unique information - meticulously researched, tried and tested - which can literally save us thousands.... the price is £10 only on the door or via Paypal at: