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Got a WordPress question, problem or challenge? OR...are you an expert with knowledge and experience and the willingness to share it? Join us to discuss topics, issues and products in the WordPress world. This is the most popular Content Managment System (CMS) for a lot of really good reasons.

Becoming confident and capable using WP can be one of the most important things you do to raise your game online. JOIN US!

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I'm Edward, the new organizer, as of October, 2022. Though I've belonged to this group for several years, I'm afraid I haven't been active...and considering the "pandemic years," neither have any of you. So...perhaps it's time to breathe some new life into our Meetup activities. I'll be contacting you all as a group and some of the "hard-core members" individually to get a sense of what you want from this group moving forward. This group has enjoyed 20 events in the past and it's my hope that we can enjoy many more, both in-person and virtual as we get rolling (again). Meantime, feel free to contact me with your questions, suggestions and...hopefully...encouragement!

WordPress started out many years ago as a blogging platform, and has grown, with amazing community support, into a full blown CMS platform yet with relatively easy administration, and has hundreds of superb free and paid plug-ins to expand it's functionality, and thousands of free and paid themes to give WordPress a polished and professional look and feel, all while remaining extremely search-engine friendly.

Here's a list of just 30 of the most popular brands that are actively using WordPress in 2022:
Bloomberg Professional, IZOD, Angry Birds, TechCrunch, Katy Perry, Usain Bolt, The Walt Disney Company, Mercedes Benz, The New Yorker, Wonkette, Quartz, Time, BBC America, New York Post, Sony Music,, AMC,, The Rolling Stones, 007 Inside the World of James Bond, Harvard Blogs, University of Washington, The Mozilla Blog, Microsoft/Skype Blogs, Creative Commons, CNN Blogs, Time Magazine, The Next Web, Vogue. People Magazine
The list of popular brands using WordPress goes on and on: TED blog, Web Designer Depot, Justin Bieber, Facebook Newsroom, Sylvester Stallone to name but a few more.

As does everything, there is a learning curve, but we've found it less steep with WordPress than any other platform, and once you're over the curve, it's almost a downward slope of easy administration, expanding capabilities, and the cycle of improving a WordPress web site can spin faster and faster with each iteration.

This meetup group can help with that learning curve, and continue beyond to offer interaction, ideas, and inspiration from like-minded folks looking to do something great online.

From someone with no web site but has an idea and desire, to beginners just starting out, or experienced site owners, all the way to advanced WordPress developers wanting user feedback and may be willing to help others out... this WordPress meetup is open to everyone.

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