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#124 - An Introduction to Statecharts and XState

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#124 - An Introduction to Statecharts and XState


An Introduction to Statecharts and XState

Whether you are working as a developer, designer, QA, or product owner, join us for this Webmardi session where you will learn (and be able share your learnings) about statecharts and how they can help you bring more simplicity and clarity in your software development process by 1) facilitating communication between all stakeholders during all phases of a project 2) helping you prototype interfaces while identifying gaps in your flows and 3) ensuring a clear separation of concerns between an application's specification and its implementation in a framework-agnostic way.

In fact, you’ll realise that you maybe already have been using statecharts of sorts for years, either mentally, through conventions, in your clickable design prototypes, and of course in your code structure.

🎤 Speaker - Raphaël Saunier @raphaelsaunier - Software Engineer
💬 Will be held in English
👩‍💻 Accessible - For Everyone (Devs, QA, Designers, Product Owners)
🔎 Theme - Software Design, Application State Management
📍 Liip - Lausanne

This talk will aim to show you the overarching formal ideas and the tools and libraries that let you implement them.

If you can't make it, the talk will be available on Youtube later.

Thanks to our wonderful premium sponsors @liip_ch & @jolicode that help us to make this journey possible 🙏

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