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How to specify and buy lower cost, highly successful websites

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Who is the most important person in the creation of a Successful website is?

The buyer. Not only does he provide the funds, but success is to be measured in his terms.

In this seminar, we teach buyers how to specify a primarily static websites-- which includes most brochureware websites (most company websites) and most websites that don't change much (including content management system websites (e.g. Wordpress, Drupal). Dynamic websites (e.g. Google, Facebook, Amazon, enormous websites, constantly changing websites) are not part of this discussion.

Chen Sun's work experience, is that the vast majority of web buyers lack an understanding on their web competitive or potential advantages. AND buyers usually don't fully understand that the buyer needs to spend Time to present these advantages.

The buying process for a moderately priced website is usually that the website designer will spend 1 to 2 hours to discuss your business, and in a couple of weeks, voila-- here's your pretty website!

But how can any craftsman (including web graphics specialists) other than those specifically in your particular business, understand your business in 1 to 2 hours?

And how will any craftsman, including those in your business, understand your specific web competitive advantages?

Do you, the buyer, understand your web competitive advantages?

The Buyer is the most important person in the creation of Competitive website. In this seminar, we'll introduce buyers on how to understand their web competitive advantages and and how to specify and buy primarily static websites.

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Multi-Meetup event, lots of additional attendees will be coming for better networking.
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