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What we’re about

WebVR technology lets people access virtual reality through a browser, bypassing the need to download VR applications from proprietary app stores. Since it runs in a web browser, all you need is to load it up on your laptop or mobile and get started. WebVR doesn’t need expensive hardware or software to work, so it promises to make VR available to a much wider audience than traditional VR applications have reached.

WebVR exists where there are already users and traffic: the web. It’s democratic, transparent, and cheap if not free.

This Meetup exists so that we can get together and share our experiences on WebVR related topics and exchange on various topics in the field. Together we'll look into case studies, talk about technology, discuss issues, HACK and have fun.

If you work in the (Web)VR business (or related areas such as ux design, animation, etc…) and have fun to share and create VR-stuff with likeminded people – this Meetup is for you.