• FossXR casual gettogether

    De Balie

    Let’s have dinner together, after the FossXR programme has come to a close! Look back on the event, show & tell and share some AWE updates as well! Would be nice to see you there!

  • Casual WebXR Get-together

    Hotel Casa Amsterdam

    Friday, September 27th, we'll meet from 7 PM to 9 PM at the Hotel Casa in Amsterdam to have a friendly, casual chat about Virtual and Augmented Reality on the Web! No long presentations. If you are interested in giving a short lightning talk(max 5 minutes with a 3 slide-maximum) to spark some conversations, let us know.

  • VR & AR on the web? All about WebXR!

    Venture Café - Rotterdam

    WebXR NL and VR010 will join forces to give you the opportunity to learn more about WebXR. Some people might ask, is VR or AR even possible on the web? Well this evening is all about this topic. Want to know what WebXR is, want to get started? Join us and see how others are using WebXR at the moment and what you can do with it. What can you expect? - Interesting talks about WebXR (VR and AR on the web). - Demo's to experience WebXR for yourself. - Developers that work with WebXR to give you a kickstart. - Meet the enthusiastic WebXR NL community. - Awesome opportunity to do some networking. - Get inspired by ethusiasts. - Drinks. What's the schedule? - Gathering at 17:00 (drink incl.) - Moving to 7th floor at 17:45 - Talks start at 18:00 until 19:30 - Hackathon from 19:30 until 20:00 - Demo's will be at: 17:00 until 20:00 - Hackaton continued and after talk ground floor at Café Engels 20:00/22:00 Sessions of the evening will be: Talk (18:00/18:30) Timmy Kokke - Virtual Reality on the Web https://timmykokke.com Talk (18:30/19:00) Ruben van der Leun - WebVR Bluetooth and Canvas and Gamepads Talk (19:00/19:30) Fabien Benetou - WebXR on Magic Leap Demo (17:00/20:00/22:00) WebAR demos WebVR demos Workshop (19:30/20:00/22:00) Fabien Benetou - Magic Leap Hackathon! The opportunity to bring and test something you made on the Magic Leap. The time and space is limited but together with others you can create something and test it out to see how Magic Leap actually works. When Venture Café closes, we're going to another place in the building to continue. How to get started? https://fosdem.org/2019/schedule/event/machine_learning_javascript/ https://github.com/Utopiah/aframe-eyetracking-blink-controls-component/ What to bring? - your own laptop - a small example you made to test it yourself - actually see your own example on the Magic Leap How can I sign up? Sign up using this meetup page so we know how many people we can expect. You can always walk in, try out demo's, have a chat or a drink. Seats for talks are limited and is on: comes first, served first basis. Anything else? VR010 Meetup evening are open to anyone. We're always looking for members to join and people to demo or talk about something. If you've got something to show or want to talk about something? Make sure you contact me and we make it happen! Got any questions? Leave a message or contact me directly using meetup. About WebXR NL If you want to know more about our friend at WebXR NL? Make sure you check out there Meetup page and sign up for future events! https://www.meetup.com/webxrnl Kind regards, Nathan van Hulst

  • webAR at &Samhoud

    &samhoud media

    We all know and love augmented reality apps. But what if you can build and share AR experiences via a browser. This night will be all about the possibilities and what is to come. In cooperation with &Samhoud media The schedule for this evening is as follows: 17:30 Doors open 18:00 Food 18:30 -19.15 Welcome A word from our sponsor &Samhoud Augmented Reality workflow, content creating and tools by Pieter Spiekerman (&Samhoud) "AR on the web" by Timmy Kokke 19:[masked] Break 19:30 -20.45 &Samhoud AR project converted to webAR by Daniel van der Stam Discussion on the pro's / cons, future and hope&dreams for webAR 20:[masked] Drinks 21:30 Good bye, see you next time

  • WebXR Workshop & Hackathon


    We showed you how to build a WebVR app. Now it's up to you. At our next meetup, we are going to build WebVR/WebAR/WebXR together. So make sure you bring your laptop. The evening is sponsored by Newspark (https://newspark.nl/) and will be at their office in Nieuwegein. 17:30 Doors open 18:00 Food 18:30 Opening/Welkom 18:35 Intro 18:50 Workshop/Hackathon 20:30 Show the results 20:40 Drinks & Socializing, try out devices/controllers yourself 21:30 Good bye, see you next time

  • WebXR on AR, MR and VR Hardware


    This evening we will share experiences of building WebXR for XR Hardware. What is possible? And what are the limitations? How can you create something that runs on a Google DayDream, or on an Oculus Rift, or maybe on a HoloLens? We would love if you bring your own VR, MR or AR hardware and share your experiences. We will do a couple of Show&Tells again this evening. The evening will be hosted by Centric in Gouda. Parking space is available in front of the office. The schedule for this evening is as follows: 17:30 Doors open 18:00 Food 18:30 Part 1 - Show&tell 19:15 Break 19:30 Part 2 - Show&tell 20:30 Drinks & Socializing 21:00 Good bye, see you next time

  • Battle of the frameworks


    There are many ways of creating your WebVR app. Different tools and frameworks with their own pros and cons. It is time we put them head to head and find out their differences. The evening will be hosted by VRMaster. For more information about them have a look at their website: https://vrmaster.co 17:30 Doors open 18:00 Food 18:30 Opening/Welkom 18:35 VRMaster - Detlef La Grand 18:50 React 360 - Ruben van der Leun 19:20 Break 19:30 Babylon.js - Timmy Kokke 20:00 A-Frame - Daniel van der Stam 20:20 Recap/Discussion 20:30 Drinks & Socializing 21:30 Good bye, see you next time

  • WebXR Content

    Caesar Experts

    This time it's all about creating content for WebXR. What does it take to get a 360 photo ready for the web? How do different frameworks compare? Are there any special tools you can use? These questions will be answered during this packed evening. The evening will be hosted by Caesar Experts in Utrecht. They'll also provide food and drinks. 17:30 - Doors open 18:00 - Food 18:30 - Opening/Welkom 18:40 - Intro to different types of content 19:00 - 360 photo & video for webXR VRapp.co demo 19:10 - Manipulating Content 19:20 - Break 19:40 - WebXR audio, ambisonics and spatial audio 19:50 - IoT & WebAR, virtual interfaces 20:00 - 3d modeling in Unity3D 20:20 - Q&A about requirments for WebXR content 20:30 - Drinks & Socializing 21:30 - Good bye, see you next time

  • Fun with WebXR

    Funbase HQ

    "Fun with WebXR" This evening will all be about having fun together, with WebXR of course. Have you created your own VR world in the browser? Or have you done some experimentation with ARCore in the browser? Please share it with the rest of us! Bring your laptop and in about 10 minutes show what you have made and how it works. The event is hosted by Funbase (https://funbase.nl) and the food and drinks are sponsored by Newspark (https://newspark.nl). Agenda: 17:30 - Doors open 18:00 - Food 18:30 - Welcome 18:40 - News in Web XR 19:00 - Introduction of the WebXR NL Community 19:15 - Break 19:30 - Show and tell 20:15 - Drinks and Socializing

  • First WebXR Meetup


    The first event of the WebXR NL Meetup will be held at the Centric office in IJsselstein. The program is as follows: 17:30 - Doors open 18:00 - Food 18:30 - Part 1: Creating a webVR project 19:15 - Break 19:30 - Part 2: Adding interactivity to your webVR project 20:00 - WebXR NL Community 20:15 - Drinks and Socializing About the speakers: Daniel van der Stam - 360 content creator, WebVR developer Marko Kungla - WebVR developer, A-Frame contributor In the first part of the evening, Daniel will show how to create a WebVR project. He gives a general introduction into WebVR and A-Frame. In the second part, Marko shows how to add interactivity to the WebVR project using A-Frame's component system.