Postponed: Forest&Forest Margin Plant year long cycle study - 18 class meetings

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No date is set. This announcement is being used to assess interest. RSVP shows interest, not commitment at this time.( i had to set a date to make Meetup send this out) My house burned without insurance (turned down for it due to fire hydrant 1 mile away). We are making progress getting our house back, but is SLOW. Raising money, designing the house, having to be contractor to save money. Thanks for you patience.

I will schedule a meeting for those interested in attending to help shape this class towards your learning style or other needs.

Here is the proposed class:

Purpose: Learn to identify plants in various life cycle stages. Many plants are good eating when they first emerge. However, watching for the mature flowering plant may be the only way to establish identification, and then mark the spot for the following spring. This class can cover all kinds of uses for plants in addition to food and medicine. Purchase of plant books is a class requirement. Tapping trees for sap for drinking and syrup making can be included.

Students need access to woodlands at least at least an acre of typical Tennessee trees.
(not the tiny woodlots in suburbs. They are not large enough for the plant diversity we want to study) You need to be able to mark areas where you are studying plants with flags or taped borders so you can return every few weeks and document changes in plant appearance. Hopefully students with woods can make their wooded area available for other class members who live reasonably close by.

Class meetings happen every two weeks where identification is confirmed and plant info and experience are shared. $cost $25/class for 18 sessions. ($450 for one year). Barter/cash or barter arrangements may be possible. Aim for 16 students.

Please comment. Please RSVP if interested. As a group we can set meeting times, which books to use and other ideas to make this a terrific experience!