Proposal: Year round gardening and garden weed eating 10 monthly classes

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IGNORE THE DATE! This announcement is for planning this class. Interested members will help decide on start date and schedule.

The delay is due to crises of house burning without fire insurance (hydrant 1 mile away, turned down by company). Slow going design house, raise money, organize volunteers, be contractor... Thanks for you patience.

This includes flowers that can be eaten, as well as conventional garden crops. Yummy edible weeds that grow in gardens grow big and tender. This class will include how to plan for fresh eating all year. No meeting NOV or Dec. Seed, plants, and produce swaps can happen. Instructor can provide some seeds so everyone doesn't have to go out and buy packages of seeds.

Cost $30 / class for 10 meetings or $300 for series. Aim for 13 (+) class size.

RSVP if interested. Barter/cash or barter is possibility. There will be a free meeting for those interested to help plan aspects of the class to make it as wonderful as possible. Maybe class members can share garden space?