Norton Park & Shepherd Bush Nature Walk

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Leading south from Nortons Park picnic area is a gravel path. This takes you past the remnants of an old orchard to Shepherds Bush, where you can link onto the Dandenong Creek Trail or explore one of the other paths. Jells Park is only a short distance away to the south, and Napier Park is close by to the north.

Shepherds Bush is a natural haven for over 90 species of birds, including a number listed as rare.

Visit at daybreak and listen for the wonderful dawn chorus. Stroll through the bush in the evening to watch flocks of Sacred Ibis fly in and squabble over roosting places.

At night you may catch a glimpse of a beautiful Sugar Glider gliding from tree to tree. Ringtail Possums feed on eucalyptus leaves and flowers or you might spot the Common Brush- Tail Possum.

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