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LEOGUN-British Band Touring America!


LEOGUN is the latest British band to come to America! My husband, Dean, & I saw them while on vacation, then in Denver right after we got back. (What a coincidence we were a stop on their tour). They will be playing again, in Colorado Springs this time, a FREE concert, this Friday, Nov. 16 (short notice, sorry about that), at the Stargazer Theater, at 6:30 p.m.. To get an idea of what they sound like, their first American chart topping hit song/video can be found on their website Even if this is too late of notice to become an official Meet-up, if you like the song/video (more are on favorite being "Everyday"), please let as many people know about this band/concert as you can. My husband & I talked to the lead singer while the other musicians performed (small venue in Denver...larger in CS), & Tommy's a really friendly guy, as they all are. They'll sign autographs & have their pics. taken with you. Very cool...will be nice to say, "We knew them when...". Looking forward to meeting people in "We Friends", as this would be my 1st event. Thanks so much, Cheryl Jakubczak

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