Annual Manawatu Mini Golf Day Trip


The Putt Hut

72 Napier Rd · Palmerston North

How to find us

Look for the Wellington Mini Golf shirt(s)

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Sunday provided sunshine, mini golf and even some fresh new faces, so welcome! The lowest score of the day was 41, followed by a 42 and 43 up to 51, but the previous club best of 40 (Peter S) still remains intact. Unlike many previous games at Avalon, the course was mostly clear of tree debris. but a bit mossy and muddy in bits. Perhaps next time we volunteer to give it a good blasting/scrubbing before opening hours.

This September meet will mark our third annual outing to the metropolis of Palmerston North and friend Feilding.

We'll be teeing off around 10:00am at The Putt Hut, adjourning for lunch afterward and then heading down the road to Feilding for some classic mini golf on the Lions course. Then it's back on the road around 3:00pm.

Palmerston North's course is indoors, which means rain or shine. However, if weather is looking dubious for a good round in Feilding afterward, we can opt for another round and/or try out the 9-hole Lazertag indoor mini golf, also in Palmy.

It goes without saying to factor in the drive time and we'll have a number of people heading that way, so get in touch if you would like to fill a seat. Arriving a bit late is not an issue - just pop over and say hello and play to catch up.