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March Mini Golf in Masterton

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March Mini Golf in Masterton


After an unexpected absence from the 2022 mini golf calendar, we're aiming to hit the putting greens of Masterton before cooler weather prevails and those frosty Wairarapa mornings set in.

Tee-off is 10:30am, which does means an early Sunday morning drive over the Remutaka's for those heading in from Wellington.

If you would like to share a ride, please reach out and we'll see what can be arranged.

Seeing as it's a bit of travel, we usually play a few rounds with a stop for lunch between or after the games.

A bit of rain doesn't put us off our putting, but if it's downright miserable, we'll reassess and perhaps play closer to home. In those cases, we'll try and make a call before 9am and post here or Facebook.

Wellington Mini Golf Club
Wellington Mini Golf Club
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2 Dixon Street · Masterton