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NZ Mini Golf Open 2023

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NZ Mini Golf Open 2023


Please note that registration directly with the NZ Open is required to compete in this event - head over to for more details

The NZ Mini Golf Open 2023 isn't our event, but we are helping with some organisation, and its in our own back yard at the Golf Warehouse in Hutt City.

Come and play for fun in the Youth (2 rounds), Amateur (3 rounds), Senior categories or if you're really keen - 8 rounds across two days for Pro. There's also the new mixed amateur pair category!

This is the first time the event has travelled this far down Aotearoa, but Wellington Mini Golf Club has had some fun and even a few placings at the annual events.

We've set up a few practice sessions throughout November if you're interested in brushing up.

Check out more information and register at but feel free to reach out if you have any quetions.

The NZ Mini Golf Federation is also on the lookout for a few volunteers to help with some basic admin, so let us know if you're interested in helping out.

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Wellington Mini Golf Club
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