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The Denver Laughter (Yoga) Club Weekly Meetup
DENVER LAUGHTER CLUB meets every Monday (some holidays vary) at 11:45 a.m., for approximately 85 minutes, and is free and open to the public. Come visit our great new location at St. Barnabas Church, with outdoor labyrinth! We are all inclusive and all ages are welcome! Bring a smile and be prepared to laugh a lot for no reason whatsoever! Go with us to lunch afterwards if you like! Based on "Laughter Yoga" principles of deep breathing and laughter, no actual yoga poses are involved. Founded in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria, from India. The laughter club movement is a world wide grass roots movement for peace, with over 8,000 laughter clubs around the world and over 800,000 plus members! Check Laughter Yoga at the official website Laughter, whether "faked or real" has a profound effect upon health, and when done in a group the "fake" laughter becomes "real" ! Benefits of Laughter: our bodies release "happy" chemicals, unwinds the negative effects of stress, reduces blood pressure, dumps depression, boosts the immune system, enhances creativity and joyfulness, and builds community. No jokes or comedy are used - rather, we begin with a warm up session of 18 style Qi Kung about 20 minutes, then laughter exercises includes some song and dance, and deep breathing (from yoga), then end with laughter meditation (spontaneous self-directed laughter) and yoga style final relaxation. This is playful activity - all you need is a commitment to having fun and accessing your inner sense of joy (chimpishness)! Cultivate unconditional joy and laugh as you have never been allowed to laugh before (except maybe as a young child)! No special clothing or mats required, we provide blankets as well. Happiness is an inside job! and Laughter truly is the best medicine! HO HO HA HA HA! See you at Laughter Club! DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE RSVP, MOST FOLKS JUST SHOW UP AND DON'T RSVP... SO DON'T BE PUT OFF IF THIS WEBSITE JUST SHOWS A FEW RSVPS.....WE USUALLY HAVE 10-15 PEOLE JOINING IN THE FUN! SEE YOU THERE!

St. Barnabas Church

1280 Vine St. (13th & Vine), enter through door marked “office”, Denver. · Denver, CO

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Denver Laughter Club is free and public! All are welcome! Bring a smile and prepare yourself to laugh a lot in the company of others for no reason whatsoever!Laughter Yoga is a new revolution in body/mind medicine that combines simple laughter exercises and gentle yoga breathing and relaxation techniques to enhance health and happiness. Laughter (faked or real) has many profound benefits. It unwinds the negative effects of stress, reduces blood pressure, dumps depression, boosts the immune system, and enhances creativity and joy! We meet weekly (except holidays) at the First Unitarian Church, 1400 Laffy- ette (Lafayette) St., Denver, CO at noon every Monday! All sessions are free, donation optional, non sectarian, non religious and open to all! Our mission is world peace thru laughter, one laugh at a time!

NO NEED TO RSVP, just show up! There are always lots of folks that come regularly and they don't RSVP. Even though our official numbers listed on this website for attendance are low, our average number of participants is from 15-25.

Visit ( for more information on other clubs, laughter yoga leader trainings, etc.!!

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