• Make New Friends at the Women's Brunch

    Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods - Marine Building

    Hi Sisters!

    I run brunches at restaurants in Vancouver and Burnaby every Sat at 11 am. We have our regulars and we've gotten to be good friends! There are always new women joining in. There's no fee and it's not for business or networking. It's just to connect meaningfully with new friends. Each woman will be expected to order and pay for her own meal. Pls call me, Stephanie at[masked] if you need help finding our table or email me at [masked]

    I'm looking forward to meeting you! :)

    - Stephanie

  • 35% Off Private Counselling Sessions

    Online event


    The sessions will take place online via Zoom so you can participate from the comfort of your home.

    Consultations are complimentary so please feel free to call or email me to discuss your session.

    Experience counseling for:

    Achieving your goals
    Better decision making
    Peace and happiness
    Increased self-awareness
    Higher self-esteem
    Understanding yourself and others
    Overcoming past experiences
    Forgiving and accepting yourself
    Finding the relationships and career that you deserve
    And many more!

    My counselling sessions are client centred, solution focused and designed to accommodate the needs of each individual person. People can also choose from a number of guided meditations for stress management and insight. Many people also opt to include distant healing!

    Price: Hour sessions are regularly 120 plus tax. Save 35% today!

    For more info call or email me at Stephanie Norwich, M.Ed. (Counselling), Reiki Master Instructor, (236)[masked] (cell/text), [masked]

    Stephanie Norwich holds an M.Ed. degree in counseling from the U of T. She is a Reiki Master and a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. She has 15 years' experience offering counselling including 9 years as a counsellor in domestic violence shelters. She has been giving Reiki sessions for 25 years and teaching reiki certification courses and psychic development classes for 18.


  • Women's Reiki One Certification Course



    Four Suns from 11 am - 4 pm

    Length: 20 hours

    Place: Our location is near Metrotown. Pls call for details.

    Price: $350 + gst. The price includes the course booklet and certificate.

    Please note: Please feel free to suggest a schedule that works for you!

    Space is limited to four people and the course requires a minimum of two reservations by deposit to run. You can pay a deposit of $30 by e transfer to [masked] with PayPal here: https://www.thehealingteam.org/reiki-one-course and it will reserve your seat. Deposits are refundable before you start a course.


    Reiki Sessions
    Self Healing
    Group Sessions
    Chair Sessions
    Hand Scanning
    How it Works
    Special Cases
    Crystal Healing
    Pet Healing
    Plant Healing
    Aura Clearing
    Reiki History
    Reiki Principles

    Guided Meditations

    Self Healing
    Tree Meditation
    Focusing with Body Scan
    Meeting Your Inner Adviser

    Attunement: Each student receives a reiki one attunement to open their energy channel.

    Testimonial: "You are a wonderful teacher. Reiki's changed my life. Since I started learning and practicing Reiki, I have experienced emotional and physical healing, my kids are dealing better with school, and my husband is better. Thank you very much for opening this wonderful way for us. Reiki is a way to live better, to heal, and understand life and family and friends and people." - Julia A. (Toronto)

    For more info, email Stephanie Norwich at [masked], (236)[masked].

    ## The Reiki One Certification Course Description

    Reiki one is a complete healing foundation course. It includes a 56 page booklet that I've written and compiled from 30 books and also a Reiki one certificate. All of my courses are beautifully presented in colour in a warm, welcoming and space.

    During the classes, each student will be given the opportunity to receive allot of healing. They will complete one, 1 hour session in class and they will also be given the option to receive one. We will practice group healing sessions and chair sessions and people take turns receiving.

    I aim to help people with stress and emotional or physical problems to heal as much as possible during the course. I've designed level one as a toolbox of reiki techniques and resources that people can use on their own after completing it.

    Trading Sessions and Reiki Shares
    After learning how to give a reiki sessions, students can also trade reiki sessions with other people so that they can receive as much free healing as they require. Another way that students find healing is by coming to Reiki Shares, where people gather to practice and receive group sessions.

    Self Healing
    Reiki has a system of hand positions for healing others and it also has a self healing system. Stress management, emotional and physical healing are the benefits of both. I teach people how to do self healing in traditional and non-traditional ways so that it can be really fun and creative!

    Scanning is an assessment and a means of determining energetic imbalances, which contribute to emotional and physical problems. I teach hand scanning with level one. It involves learning to using your hands to distinguish various sensations from the chakras and aura or energy field.

    Guided Meditations
    The course includes four guided meditations for relaxation, insight and healing. I wrote the Self Healing Meditation to guide our practice. The Focusing and Body Scan Meditation teaches people how to get in touch with their feelings and alleviate them with Reiki. It is also a useful tool for building intuitive awareness. The Tree Meditation facilitates grounding and it connects people to the earth and the cosmos. Meeting You Inner Guide introduces people to their spirit guide or angel. It is designed to help people to gain insights about their lives and how to improve their health. Each student will receive a copy of the meditations so they can record them for home use as well.

  • The Human Destiny to Rejoin Nature in Time to Save the Earth

    Online event

    “The Human Destiny to Rejoin Nature in Time to Save the Earth”
    A free talk on spiritual evolution by Carl Johann Schroeder followed by discussion.

    Welcome! I will give a 45 minute online presentation in which I explain the place of humanity in Earth’s evolution, plus some of my own insights and experiences of working with nature spirits and the ancestors. I have developed a teaching system called Inner Selves Mastery that describes the four levels of human experience (physical emotional mental spiritual) and how human beings have evolved to work with these levels to bring divine guidance through consciously to complement the animal kingdom which follows unconscious instinct. Humans have made a mess of the planet from neglecting their responsibility to choose the thoughts that create positive emotional experiences which support healthy physical actions, thus leading to the rise of negativity. The current so-called Ascension times are clearing the way for spiritual humanity to be the loving Earth representatives and helpers to nature that Gaia evolved us for. Q&A will follow.

    “The Human Destiny to Rejoin Nature in Time to Save the Earth”
    free online, Sunday Dec. 4, 7-8pm EST
    Register: https://bit.ly/shamanfest-2022-daythree

    I will be the second speaker of Sunday’s Shamanfest event which starts at 6pm EST with Animal Intuitive Pamela Miller, so just join earlier if you want to see that. Sunday is the third and final day of the Shamanfest free events, for complete schedule see https://divinityiseternal.com/

    BACKGROUND: Carl Johann Schroeder is a spiritual teacher and life coach who has worked with his soul team since 1987 to develop a spiritual psychology system for personal evolution called Inner Selves Mastery. Engineer by day, musician at night, mystic at heart, he was guided by dreams, past lives, spirits, elementals, star people and angels to lead a variety of groups, classes, and events for over 20 years in the Boston and Raleigh areas. Since 2020 with the acceleration of global ascension he has devoted himself full-time to online offerings including meetups, essays, and videos to help more people understand their personal awakenings and live from joyful alignment with their soul, higher self, and inner being. See www.InnerSelvesMastery.com and newsletter signup at www.signupISM.com

  • Coffee/Tea, Lunch/Dinner Group Event Facilitators

    Needs a location

    I run weekly brunches for meeting friends. We meet at a restaurant, get to know each other more and more each week and branch off into closer friendships. And it's worked! Many of us have met new friends who are like family! :)

    So now we're expanding and people are asking for restaurant and cafe meetups in Vancouver and Port C. I'm looking for facilitators to offer coffee and lunch/dinner meeting on both of our meetups. It could also be online too. I will contact all of the people who RSVP and you're welcome to text me too. :)

    Pls note: This is not an event but a posting.

    Info: Stephanie at thehealingteam@gmail.com, (236)[masked] (cell).

  • Mermaid Loonie Swim!

    Edmonds Community Centre

    Hi Sisters!

    Join me for our mermaid swim at Edmunds CC!

    It's just $1 admission at Edmonds Community Centre.

    They have a "beautiful 6-lane swimming pool, a leisure pool with a variety of water features, 2 waterslides, steam room and sauna. You can also have fun at the lazy river—perfect for floating and walking."

    Info: Stephanie[masked] (text/cell)

  • Psychic Practice Circle: Telepathy & Distant Viewing

    Online event


    Save $10 for every friend who signs up with you!

    Featuring... Telepathy and Distant Viewing!

    Practice giving and receiving readings! The Psychic Circles are a great way to develop your skills and meet new like-minded friends to practice with!

    Telepathy and Remote Viewing : We will start by sending and receiving simple messages and from each other using using any of the 'clairs' that are open for you: eg clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognisance. Next, we'll amp it up and tune into each other and/or our favourite places.

    Price: $35 + gst. Space is limited to 6 people and the practice requires a minimum of 2 reservations by prepayment to run.

    About Stephanie Norwich: Stephanie Norwich has a Master of Education in counselling from U of T and an honours BA from York University. She has been teaching reiki and psychic development courses for 18 years and reading cards and tea leaves for twenty years.

    Testimonial: "The distant viewing class was a fun and interactive session that helped me perform distant viewing in a meaningful way for the first time. Stephanie is a great host and is very open to modifying the learning as required by the group. I recommend it to anyone looking to develop this fascinating skill!" - (Cat C., Toronto)

    Please note: I'm happy to post this event on other dates and times so please make your requests! :)

    For more info email/call Stephanie at [masked] or (236)[masked]

  • Women's Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions

    Marn's Virtual Studio

    Zoom or phone sessions available Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. PST

    Are you challenged by an emotional issue or block?

    Is there a relationship in your life that needs mending?

    Are you seeking insight at a difficult stage in your life journey?

    In gentle yet powerful sessions, I offer support, insight, release from blockages and deep healing.

    I'm an intuitive energy therapist and Reiki teacher-in-training with 25 years of experience and a background in Healing Touch, Body-Energy Counselling and Shiatsu.

    I’ve worked with women extensively both in the therapeutic context and as a facilitator of women’s groups.

    My work is woman-centred, trauma-informed and non-hierarchical. Safety, respect and fun are its hallmarks!

    The benefits of energy work are emotional, physical and spiritual.

    Sample client issues include:

    emotional and creative blocks
    physical pain
    health issues

    Sessions are $150 CA/hour

    4-session packages are $130/session

    Sliding scale from $150-$110 CA for women in need

    What client are saying:

    “My husband had been in terrible pain for 12 days with a kidney stone and was getting no help from doctors. Within half an hour of receiving distant healing from Marn, he got out of bed, had a bath, got dressed and called the B.C. NurseLine. This resulted in going back to ER, getting better medication, better information and proper pain relief. Within 48 hours, my husband passed the stone. We were both so grateful and relieved! Without Marn’s intuitive insights and healing energy this could have drawn out a lot longer and been a cause for a lot more suffering. We are so grateful that no surgery was required. Thank you, Marn for your love, care and powerful gifts!”
    Zoey Wren, Nelson BC
    Relationship & Intimacy Coach and Shamanic Sound Healer

    “I am feeling much better mentally and emotionally, although still quite tired. I am still processing the information you shared - the images, symbols and meanings. I felt lighter and motivated enough that I applied for a job yesterday for a Story Interviewer & Writer position. I had been wanting to apply for this job but didn't have the desire or energy to be upbeat and smile for a video. The session we had miraculously helped in unblocking the physical and creative energy I needed. Overall, the session was really healing and encouraging to help me move forward.”
    Tina Chee, Vancouver, BC

    “Marn is a wonder woman. She’s kind and deeply intuitive. She authentically engages with her clients and helps guide them to a stronger understanding of self, all the while listening and never imposing. I’ve had several long distance sessions with Marn and always leave protected, loved and more aware than before. A gift!”

    Anastasia Koutalianos, Vancouver, BC
    Business Strategist

    For more information or to book your session, contact Marn


  • Online Intro to Psychic Development Class

    Online event

    I'm so excited to share my free hour long class over Zoom with you!

    Did you know there are at least 5 psychic pathways? We will explore what psychic development is and isn't to dispell the myths. I'll talk about different ways that you can open your psychic awareness. We will discuss all of the exciting ways psychic development can be used.
    Everyone has some psychic awareness. I will ask a few people from the audience to give examples so I can explain how they are intuitive already. We will discuss psychic tools and I'll talk about tarot and tea leaf reading. And since psychic developement often opens up past life recall, I'll go into a section about past and future lives.

    For more info call me, Stephanie Norwich at[masked] or email me at [masked]

    Please download the Zoom app here: https://zoom.us/download in advance for better reception.

  • Make New Friends at the Women's Brunch

    Needs a location

    Location: To be announced.

    Hi Sisters!

    I run brunches at restaurants in Vancouver and Burnaby every Sat at 11 am. We have our regulars and we've gotten to be good friends! There are always new women joining in. There's no fee and it's not for business or networking. It's just to connect meaningfully with new friends. Each woman will be expected to order and pay for her own meal. Pls call me, Stephanie at[masked] if you need help finding our table or email me at [masked]

    I'm looking forward to meeting you! :)

    - Stephanie