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What we’re about

This is a board game similar to Mafia. There is a village attacked by werewolfs and the goal is to identify and kill the werewolfs

## Werewolf game rules

Werewolf is one of the best team building games. You can play the exercise in person or online via a Zoom or video call. This game requires participants to listen carefully and communicate clearly. The game Mafia inspired Werewolf as we know it today. Players have utilized a version of this game for decades.
The main goal of the werewolf is to survive the “night.” Players have different roles, which determine what can happen to them during the game. The most crucial element to success is that the moderator or host understands the rules clearly.
The main narrative involves a werewolf trying to devour other players. There is also a medic and a seer. Everyone who is not assigned one of these specific roles is a villager. You can find more information about all these roles below.
Before the game, the moderator will assign roles to all participants. If you are playing in person, then you can ask players to draw cards out of a bowl. Or, you can pass out cards. If you are playing virtually, then you can use an online generator to assign roles. Or, the moderator can directly message each player with their role. The most important thing is that players do not know who is in what role.
To play the game:

  1. The moderator will advise all players on what time of day it is. For example, the werewolf is active at night. The seer and the medic also awake at night. However, the villagers do not wake up until morning.
  2. The moderator is a neutral guide and cannot die nor vote on the werewolf.
  3. During the day, the moderator guides discussion among the villagers as they attempt to determine who the werewolf is.
  4. The villagers vote on who the werewolf is.
  5. If the villagers figure out who the werewolf is, then they win.
  6. If the villagers are wrong, then night falls again. If the werewolf manages to kill everyone before getting caught, then he or she wins.
  7. No cheating! Players cannot open their eyes until instructed to do so by the moderator.

The most important rule of Werewolf is that for survival, the seer, medic, and werewolves should conceal their true identities and masquerade as villagers for as long as possible