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Monday Meditation at the UU Church - 2014

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This group is made up of people from a variety of faith traditions. There are some who practice Buddhist meditation and some who practice other traditions. Since the 40-minute meditations are held in silence, you are welcome to practice whatever style you like. Most people who attend are not members of this website and so they don't RSVP here. Attendance ranges from 3 to 20 people or so. Check the group out on Facebook if you'd like - just search Monday Meditation : ) Although no one seems to remember exactly, the group was founded in 2005 (if not before). Since 2008, we have been meeting at this UU Church EVERY Monday night.

In 2014, Monday Meditation will be hosted at the UU Church by many volunteers - please let us know if you'd like to host. Ideally, we're looking for a small group of volunteers to each host one Monday every month. Larry has volunteered to host on the 2nd Monday of each month - thanks, Larry!! Please consider getting your feet wet by volunteering to host on a specific Monday. We'll have a sign up sheet at meditation sessions. You can also let us know by commenting on this site. Thanks!! We welcome your comments and suggestions.

This is a friendly group. Here's a basic idea of how things generally flow but since several volunteers will be hosting in 2014, there are bound to be variations: There is usually a bit of conversation prior to beginning the actual practice promptly at 7:15. The practice starts with an optional reading. There is a nice one in the white 3-ring binder in our green bin called "Clarifying Motivation", but the reading is entirely up to the host (or any other volunteer) and is optional.

The 40-minute seated meditation is followed by a very brief guided loving-kindness or metta meditation and dedication of merit (suggestions can be found in the white 3-ring binder in our green bin) . What a great way to start the week!

You are welcome to bring your own cushion, borrow an extra, or be seated in a chair or on the floor as you prefer. If you think it will make you more comfortable, consider bringing a light throw or wrap to keep you cozy while meditating.

Following the meditation session, you are always welcome to stick around for some friendly conversation.

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