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For anyone completely new to boardgames, this might be interesting:

We'll play boardgames and card games in a pub with excellent beer. We're a small friendly group and new players are very welcome. As more people join, we have a greater selection of games. Please feel free to bring along your own or request ones that you'd like to play.

So far we have:

(mine): Hey that's my fish, Fury of Dracula, Netrunner, Lifeboat, Word Whimsy, Shooting the Moon

(Danny's): Race for the Galaxy, Loveletter, Condotierre, Cosmic Encounter, Lifeboat, Terra Mystica, Neuroshima Hex, City of Horror, Fiasco, Microscope

(Elsie's): Flashpoint, Gloom, Red Dragon Inn

(James'): Pandemic

(Dominic's): Summoner Wars, Descent, Memoir '44

(Nico's): Civilisation, Balderdash

and probably more that they have not yet admitted to.

I'm making this a recurring meetup - every Saturday afternoon at The Tabard, even though I'm not sure I'll be able to come myself. I hope that, if I can't make it, someone else with several games to bring may become the host *stares at Danny, Elsie and Dominic* *waggles right eyebrow*