Past Meetup

Frugal Muse Open Mic


Come watch fellow writers and performers speak, sing, and read their works.

Come perform your latest or best work in front of an attentive audience.

Invite all your friends to come see us at this event - or - to come enjoy some talent they have probably never seen or heard of. We can all have a good time!

No one is required to perform or read their own work, but if you feel like trying it out, ALL are welcome either way! Musicians, actors, writers, and singers will be allowed about 3-5 minutes each (depending on quantity of performers in attendance) to do their thing. Frugal has this well-organized and Clarisse Behr (Open Mic Hostess) and Paul Garrison (Manager) do an excellent job of keeping things fun and interesting.

Note: due to high probability of children attending, adult language should be adapted or avoided at any cost.

Make some new friends who might just inspire you to accomplish your goals and keep you writing.

Our ultimate goal: to help one another improve our works and gain insight into an audience that writing alone without any feedback deprives us of.

Attendees (5)