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Fula Faré (Foula Faré, Yoleli) is the dance of the Fula, the Peuhl. The name "Fula Fare" in Susu means "Fulani dance". The name the Fula use for this dance is "Yoleli".

"The Peuhl are a nomodic people living in an area streched from the north of Guinea to Niger. The cattle is walking free and has to be rounded up for the night. The shepards believe that by playing, singing, drumming Fula Fare the animals are easily assembled.

"Yoleli", it is a rythm played at the "dennaboo" (naming ceremony), which the Fula celebrate on the 7th day of a newborn's life. A big feast is held early in the day. After that a sheep or goat is sacrificed. An elder blesses the child and announces the name, to much cheering. Nowadays the rhythm is also played at weddings and other celebrations.

It's the first class of 2014. Come have some fun with us and bring a friend.

Come SING, Come DANCE, Come LEARN, Come SWEAT!