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What we’re about

What is an Agilist?  

An Agilist is a person that understands, applies, and is a proponent of agile principles to (collaboratively) solve problems. (ref:

Who We Are: 

We are a regularly scheduled collaboration of professional Agilists in Westchester, Fairfield, and neighboring NYC suburb communities such as Rockland, interested in presentations, workshops, discussions, knowledge sharing, best practices, lessons learned, and networking. 

Our Purpose: 

In the spirit of continuous improvement and continuous learning, we collaborate with fellow Agilists on a regular basis to enhance our skills.  We:

discuss trends and insights and how we might experiment with them in our agile practices

- apply a growth mindset to expand our capabilities

- generate ah-ha moments through collaboration and build on synergies (e.g., "Yes, and ...") 

- hone our craft as Agilists