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Early saturday ride: Saratoga Gap (A/Phys-4-6/Tech-5/10mi/1500ft)


This ride will be -C pace about 2& half hours at Saratoga Gap features great wooded areas with rooted trails as well as some quick exposed fire road climbs. Overall I'd say this ride is easier that santa teresa park both in technical nature /.

Never been to Gap...

Finding the place if it's your first time so be sure to check out the map. If you're coming up from highway 9 it's easiest, you just take a left on hwy35 at the stop sign and another left into the parking lot right there at the intersection. From further North you'll have to figure out the fastest way for you to get onto hwy35 (skyline blvd), but I'd avoid driving up pagemill (9 through Saratoga is faster). I'll be parked in the lot . Wheels will roll as soon as all yes rsvps are on-site or no later that 9:15.

As always a helmet is required for all SJMTB rides and extra protective gear is recommended if you are tentative about riding down rocky trails. The ride is relatively short so you shouldn't need too much in the way of supplies. Water, a small snack, and your basic trail side tools (multi-tool, tube, pump) should be sufficient for these rides.

It's going to be a great year for riding so let's get to it.

-gregorio martinez

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