Past Meetup

Trailhead Cyclery Spring Demo day.


It's back again! The Trail Head Cyclery Spring Demo day. I try and make it out for this every time they have it because it is, 1) One of my favorite rides, and 2) Where else can you ride a dream bike on real trails all day long for only $40 bucks. And remember, your entry fee is good for credit towards a purchase in their shop for a week after the demo. Last year I got a bitchin' TLD Jersey for next to nothing with my discount.

This is a group ride, however with people trying out different bikes all the time it makes for lots of somewhat long breaks so if you're the impatient type this ride is not for you. We'll be spending a lot of time here so if you're interested in trying out some new rides this will be a great opportunity. Riders can expect to hit all the popular trails at least a couple times. Total mileage on this type of ride is tough to gauge, but I'd say no less than 10 miles.

I'll post up some more details about what bikes they'll be bringing out as soon as they post it all up, but I would suggest bringing your bike as well. That way if you don't want to demo something but still want to keep riding you can. If you're not bringing a bike with you remember you still need your helmet and regular riding gear. Also if you ride specific pedals bring them too.

Can't wait to see you all out there.



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