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Slacker ride


Anyone else free during a mid-week day? Come play with me!

I ride from home in downtown MV so join me along the way or meet me at the start. If you say you'll be there, at 9:30, I'll swing by the parking lot of the McDonald's at El Monte and El Camino and then at 10:00, the bathrooms at Arastradero.

Intermediate girl pace. 8? miles in the park, 12 miles pavement. The park's pretty small so longer rides are possible only if we repeat loops.

Note from David B., founder of SJMTB meetup:


INTERMEDIATE RIDE: We're not hammering the climbs or setting downhill records on this ride. However this is a rather long ride so it is not for beginners. You should be able to ride at a sustained pace for 2+ hours with minimal breaks.

TECH 4/10: Arastradero is a pretty mellow. The terrain is rolling with only a few climbs quick steeper climbs. You should be pretty warmed up from the ride into the park though so they shouldn't be a challenge for an Intermediate rider.

PHYS 6/10: Normally I would consider Arastradero easier than a 6 but being that the total ride length is 20 miles (note from ride leader: more than half of the distance is on road) it's going to be a little more challenging than normal.

8? miles in the park, 12 miles pavement


Please remember that our rides require a properly maintained mountain bike and helmet. If you have questions regarding gear feel free to shoot me an email and I can make suggestions or point you to an expert in your area.

See you out there,

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