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De LaVeaga Graduation Ride- From Beginner to Advanced Beginner

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This ride is intended for actual beginners (who have ridden with us before) who are ready to advance from "beginner" status to "advanced beginner" - meaning you're ready for the next level in riding- learn roots, rocks, and steep roll-downs - at an advanced beginner level and beginner pace.

If I feel your are over or under qualified for this ride I will ask you to join either the beginner or intermediate level rides in the future. We ride De La at least 3 times per week.

If you have ridden UCSC, Downieville, Demo- then you're too advanced for this- you won't enjoy it and will take up spots for actual beginners who need this lower-level skills lesson.

If you have been attending the De La Beginner rides this is perfect for you- actually this graduation ride was designed with you in mind.

If you went to the last "graduation" ride but feel you need more skills practice- please join! Hopefully we will have the same 3 ride leaders for this skills session.

You should have had plenty of time on the bike and have at least some experience with roots and rocks- but ready to learn and practice more. You will be challenged to ride outside of your comfort zone.

The pace will be slow and we will stop and work on sections of the most advanced trail of this park.