Past Meetup

We are Jane! NorthStar Day Trip


Women's only strong beginner and intermediate downhill riding.


Most recent update is: Pre-ride at Demo cancelled- Demo is actually more difficult and taxing than NorthStar. We are in for a treat at NorthStar!

I plan on leaving San Jose the morning of the 21st at 5:30 a.m., driving up (takes about 4 1/2 hours) and riding all day and as long as possible, and then driving home afterwards.

Some people are considering camping- let's talk about that option some more. What are your ideas?

I plan to rent a bike and gear, grab a map and go. I don't plan on doing any lessons. I am an intermediate rider, so we will not be riding at a super fast pace, or going down any advanced trails- also, I want to stay away from the fire roads.

A few ladies joining us are familiar with NorthStar trails, and will be helpful guides for our downhill adventure.

You must have a full suspension bike with a good amount of travel, they do offer DH bikes, full-face helmets and gear for rent. If you have a question about your bike, ask and I will find out for you.

As far as I know you must RSVP your rental bike in advance! I will let you all know when I RSVP mine.

Everyone please check-in and keep up on the updates and posts... as plans may change a few times before everything is final.

As the date get's closer, let's talk carpool!

For now-check out the NorthStar website:

A purchase of a lift ticket will be needed makes the day a lot more enjoyable. (Walking to the top will get very tiring) Lift tickets cost $48 dollars for the day. See below.