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David's after work Wednesdays Santa Teresa (Int. Ride)



After Work


Santa Teresa County Park

We're headed back out to Santa Teresa. This time we're going to do my regular ride. Up Stiles into the park, then up to the top of Coyote Peak. A quick trip down Rocky ridge then back up Stiles to hit the Switches on the way down. This is not a beginner ride, especially if you've never ridden Santa Teresa. The Climbs are tough and require both endurance and skill to clean. Combined with the early season it makes for a ride that will require few stops in order to complete before night fall.


INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: This park is full of really great trails with some awesome rocky sections including rocky switch backs and fast rock gardens. We'll ride at a pretty quick pace but I'll wait for people at all our intersections.

TECH 7/10: This ride is technical and rocky especially if you're used to riding the other parks in the south bay.

PHYS 7/10: Our climbing on this ride won't be as bad as it can get here but we will hit two of the tough climbs here. The first is rocky and requires clean lines to clear and the second is just long.


2000ft + gain

Please remember that our rides require a properly maintained mountain bike and helmet. If you have questions regarding gear feel free to shoot me an email and I can make suggestions or point you to an expert in your area.

See you out there,