Past Meetup

Janes Northstar Pre-Ride and Clinic @ STP


This goes out to all the Jane's who are planning on heading out to Northstar on Sept. 21. Lets head up to Santa Teresa to session some technical downhills before the date. This ride will focus on the basics and some more technical skills needed for descending down and over obstacles at speed. The route will be David's typical demo bike route, which allows for quick turnaround and multiple loops in a relatively short distance. Each loop will be just under three miles, not including the warm-up. Now the trails at the park are groomed which is going to be impossible to recreate anywhere nearby, however by riding the same section over and over again you'll begin to get a feel for making line choices and see how they can completely change a trail.

It is strongly recommended any of the Jane's attending the Northstar run attend this ride. It will help you gain confidence prior to heading to Northstar. Also a chance to meet everyone you will be riding with.

As usual a properly functioning MTB is required. A helmet is always required and body armor is highly recommended especially if you plan on pushing yourself a little more than usual. I recommend all riders if they have them switch to flat pedals. When trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone. If you have no flat pedals just ride what you have. Look forward to seeing everyone out there for this pre-ride get together/ clinic.

Thank you Janes!

Hey Ladies,

David here. I just wanted to let you all know that we're planning on building up a few obstacles to practice a few key skills. We'll set up in the parking lot in Santa Teresa Park then run through some drills to get our day started. We'll work on some cornering drills as well to get everyone loose and ready for the tight trails on Stiles. This should be a great opportunity for riders that have never spent any time practicing skills outside of riding, as once you learn the drills with us you can practice them on your own literally anywhere -(okay maybe not in the living room).

Krista, Mark, and I are all really looking forward to this event and hope that you'll all ride away with some new skills and renewed confidence.