Past Meetup

Alum Rock - Todd Quick, Boccardo, and lower floor


***Note: Penitencia Road dead ends at the park entrance. If you haven't been to the park and not sure about the map directions, email me.****

This will be a short weekday ride due to daylight. The plan is to ride up Eagle Rock, to Todd Quick, up Boccardo, down the road to the far east end of the park and then back to the parking lot along the park floor. If time permits, we will ride back up Todd Quick the opposite way and then back to the parking lot.

• Expect a 1-1/2 ride at a moderate steady pace throughout the ride. Advanced beginners are welcome but you must be comfortable climbing hills at a continuous pace. Stops will be brief and not at every intersection. However, we will be sure everyone stays on the right trail.

• Leaving promptly at 5:45pm, or earlier if all riders are present. Meet by the bathrooms at the entrance to the park. If you're running late and know the route, meet us on the trail.

• Avoid the park fee. Park outside the park and ride in.

• Bring proper gear, including water. Email me if you're not sure about the route/trail.

Although Alum Rock is not a technical park, but you must be comfortable climbing hills and riding single track along a rim. Trails have some rocks/Boccardo loose dirt.

As always, please yield to bikers riding up and be courteous to hikers and joggers. Definitely will slow down for children and seniors on the park floor to avoid a hefty $$.

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