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Santa Cruz- De LaVeaga

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Details you've been riding De La as a beginner for a while... and you're ready for more of a challenge? Did you attend the last "graduation from beginner" ride and want to ride those trails again? Then this ride is for you.

Pace- Adv. Beginner

Technical- Intermediate

7 Miles of Technical Terrain

We will ride to the top of the world, which involves climbing up over roots and rocks. Then, when we get to the top, we get to practice rolling down short steep rock and root sections, then back up again to ride down an even steeper section.

Put your seat down and go for it! I will help you if you need guidance, as this will be a learning ride, not a charge-through-the-park type of ride.

We will also ride the upper loop that has a fun downhill rock garden, and the usual lower loop with the twin tree root drop.

I wouldn't suggest this ride if you're timid and still learning balance on the bike. Email me if you have any questions.

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