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There's never been a better, more pivotal place and time time to speak your mind on what you want to see done by MidPen (AKA Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District or MROSD).

Tomorrow (Monday, 10/28/13) from 6 to 9 PM at West Valley College in Saratoga, the meeting will focus on the Los Gatos Foothills and Sierra Azul Regions

MidPen is transitioning from an acquisition phase to a building phase has never been more serious about getting input from the public on what they want. From the Palo Alto Times:
To its credit, the Midpeninsula Open Space District has pulled out all the stops to undertake a $500,000 visioning and priority-setting process called "Imagine the Future of Open Space." With the help of consultants, it has conducted formal surveys and hundreds of informal interviews and group sessions to gather public input. Public meetings are scheduled over the next few weeks to gain further input, and the elected directors are expected to adopt a final plan by the end of the year.

Bring your MTB complaints and suggestions to this meeting tomorrow (10/28/13). This can be subjects from this thread, or others such as:
More singletrack, including loops.
More technical trails and more
Access from Mt. Umunhum to Soquel Demonstration Forest.
Flow Trails
Shuttles and other fantasies

A similar meeting took place last week concerning San Mateo Coast/Half Moon Bay Regions. During this meeting, keypads were distributed at the beginning, and people were asked to key in numbers 1-10 to rank ideas presented.

Colored cards were available on each table to add comments at specific junctures of the presentation, and provided opportunity to insert queries-needs. These colored cards allow for direct insertion of MTB related concerns. They will instruct amply on when to write+hold up cards for collection. Keep comments short and direct, as those running the meeting will distill comments into short soundbites at the end of the meeting for all those left to vote on with the keypads provided.

In addition to specific suggestions, for overall blanket push of specific MTB interests, we'll add general MTB-favorable comments like:

All user groups be judged to the same standard when trails access is determined.(ex-if minimizing impacts to terrain-species is paramount, mountain bikes should not automatically be the first group excluded )
Mt Biking should be viewed as a tranquil nature experience similar to those hiking. In order to attain a level trails access playing field with MROSD, fundamental shifts need to occur from the cemented in perception of the mrosd board that MTB is a non-tranquil recreation activity.
What good will all this information do if MROSD board snubs input, as they seeming do when it suits?
MROSD board needs to be much more open to shared use trails which are the norm within the coastal region.
If one user group is allotted their own single use trail, the scales should be balanced by allotting other user groups their own trail(s) , ideally nearby .

At the San Mateo meeting, the "dog walkers" showed in in mass. They stayed til the end, and at the beginning their statements drew average 40+% positive keypad results. Towards the end,they averaged 80+%positive on many of the same principles. Probably because they're the ones that stayed to the end.

With only maybe 50 people attending, a few votes can have a huge impact on perception of public interest and the future planning. Likewise, it's very important to stay to the end of the meeting to have our MTB votes counted.

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