Past Meetup

Jane's Conquer Demo-Intermediate Women's Ride


So now that I have an all-mountain bike on the way, it's time for me to learn the trails of Soquel Demonstration State Forest. I'll be out there for my 4th time a week before this, and should have "Cort's Route" figured by then. According to David, it goes like this:

14 miles

2700 feet of climbing

Corral Trail Down, Sulfur Springs Road Up, Braille Trail Down- then up to cars via Hihn's Mill Road (AKA Cort's Route)

About a week before this date I will post more details. This is not a beginner friendly ride. This will be a slower paced ride on the climbs and intermediate on the down hills.

Let's do this ladies! We have to keep our downhill skills up-to-par for Northstar this year!

Get on the list, more details soon... Also, if you know the trails let me know, that would be great! We're sticking to "Cort's Route" as above but any guidance would be so appreciated!