Past Meetup

Public Discussion About Mountain Biking at Upper UCSC Campus


Let's meet promptly by 5:45 outside the event center entrance in order to have time to find seats.

The purpose of the panel is to open a conversation about the illegal single track mountain bike trails in upper campus at UC Santa Cruz. It will be an opportunity to discuss why they are illegal and what the impact of this is on students, the UCSC Natural Reserve, and the mountain biking community in Santa Cruz. The event will include an opportunity for each panelist to share their perspective on the issue, as well as a question and answer session with the audience. Panelists will include:
• Alex Jones, the UCSC Campus Natural Reserve Steward
• A representative from UCSC Grounds Department (unconfirmed)
• Will Curtis, Captain of the UC Santa Cruz Mountain Biking Team
• Drew Perkins, Trail Officer - Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz
• Professor Chris Wilmers, a wildlife biologist and director of the Santa Cruz Puma Project, who has worked throughout the Santa Cruz mountains and with the Santa Cruz Land Trust on local conservation issues
• Lono Barnes, Firefighter from Santa Cruz Fire Department

It's unknown what if anything will come from the meeting, however having mountain bikers present only stands to help our chances of finally getting the ball rolling towards full legalization of the upper Campus Trails.

This event is being co-sponsored by Stevenson Residential Life, Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz, and Hilltromper. There is free parking in the East Remote Parking Lot, a 10-15 minute walk from the Event Center. There is also metered parking in the Stevenson and Cowell College lots near the Event Center.

A map of Stevenson College can be found here:

Information on parking at East Remote Lot is here:

This event was originally scheduled for November 2013, but it was rescheduled due to a strike. We hope you'll join us January 29 for the panel event!