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Mountain Bike Training Ride up St. Joes in Los Gatos


The Sea Otter Classic ( is coming this April 10th-13th. Its a Festivas for the Restofus. Bike festival and racing. Check out the link. It's the greatest show on earth. You don't even have to know how to ride a bike to enjoy this four day party.

I will be riding all this month to increase fitness in lieu of the racing at Sea Otter. I will be training on both road and mountain bike. You are welcome to come and ride. FYI, these rides will be be some what fast and titillating to the lungs.

This ride is for Intermediate (2) to advanced (1) riders. I am trying to have two groups. One fast and one moderate. For moderate, these people are experienced and are very comfortable on the bike and are looking to get back in shape. They have ridden before but have not ridden too much lately, so they will chill on the ride. Faster riders will take off ahead.

This ride will spend about 17 miles on the Los Gatos Creek Trail. So be patient with walkers and joggers and be courteous. If you can't handle pedestrians this route is not for you. By pass it and meet on the mountain. Speed limit is 15mph on the mountain and watch for speed traps. This ride is intended for cardio building not, lets scare the BaGeeza's out of hikers. Save the reckless abandonment for the road and singletrack.

We will try to ride as a group most of the time.

Category 1-3 Category 1 and 2 highly recommended!

1 = Expert Very Seasoned Rider, very comfortable on bike in any situation, Very good fitness. Races some to often. Rides 60 to 160+ miles a week

2 = Intermediate Confident rider, solid skill set on bike on most situations. Descent fitness level looking to get serious on all facets. Considering racing. Rides close to 60 miles a week.

3 = Beginner Still learning to get comfortable with the bike and fitness needs improvement. Rides 0 to 20 miles a week.

There will be two take off locations-

1. Blackford Elementary School 1970 Willow St, San Jose, CA ‎ (408) 978-4675 ‎ · ( Usually plenty of parking here. Round trip from this point would be about 22mi. Departing at 5:00pm

2. Campbell Park Gilman Ave, Campbell, CA ‎ (408) 866-2105 ‎ · (,+Gilman+Avenue,+Campbell,+CA&q= Parkng may be a scarce here. Plan ahead. Departing at 5:15pm

3. You can pick any spot to start on the Los Gatos Creek Trail from Blackford Elementary School all the way to Los Gatos. Plan ahead to jump in.

Bring your own supplies: food, drink, repair kit, $, Lights. Helmet is mandatory when in Los Gatos mountains.



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