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10th Annual Anti Valentine's Quandary Hike

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10th Annual Anti Valentine's Quandary Hike


If you're reading this, you're invited to a fun day in the Colorado snow! the 14,272ft summit is always fun, but never guaranteed or required. Join us!

Let's go for a hike! Bring tasty snacks, drinks and a onesie/costume if you want to slip it on for fun! 10th annual winter Quandary hike!
Meet at Blue Lakes trailhead, the parking lot at the corner of 850 Road and 851 Road, Breckenridge, CO.

I'm not a guide. Hike at your own risk. Research the trail. As far as I know, no bus reservations for winter. Bring snowshoes and/or actual, metal microspikes such as Kahtoola or Hillsound; yaktrax, ice trekkers, and other, civilized rubber contraptions you use to walk across a parking lot aren't built for this strenuous hike and they break every year. "Not even once." Bro.

Bring some lunch, snacks, drinks, a onesie for summit pics. You should probably even wear warm clothes too; look up: winter layering. Sunglasses at a minimum, but goggles have proven to be nice in the 20-40mph wind and snow. Pockets are ok for your hands until you take them out so just wear warm gloves or mittens in the first place.
Pack a water bottle. If you haven't successfully used a water bladder on a winter hike before, I recommend a wide mouth Nalgene instead, because -15*F isn't when you want to find out you don't have water for the next 6 hours. Store the Nalgene upside down in your pack so the lid is less likely to freeze.
Snow is deep; gators are angry in the south, but gaiters are awesome in Colorado snow. Bring your trekking poles too, whatever your age is; they're nice in the 30mph winds we've experienced before, but if wind is 4mph, the knees still appreciate them for the downhill.

Pretty sure a few of us are staying in hotels in Fairplay, unless we happen upon a reasonably priced Airbnb for like 10 people, and get committed payments.

Let's get our hike on! Bring tasty snacks, drinks and costumes! 10th annual winter Quandary hike!

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Western Slope Adventurers
Western Slope Adventurers
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80 Blue Lakes Rd · Breckenridge, CO
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