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NOTE: Hello all, when I originally started this, I was in the process of putting together the inagural event, but then, coronavirus happened. For the time being, I'll be continuing to hold off on putting together the first event until it is safe and prudent to do so. However, I do encourage knowledge sharing and discussion, so feel free to reach out to me if you're looking for inspiration on what spirits to mess around with or just to exchange recies and whatnot. 🙂

There are those who will drink anything served just any way, and then there are those of us who have standards. This group is for the latter. 🙂

Welcome to the West LA Cocktail Exchange! This is a group that caters to those who not only have exacting standards when it comes to their liquor, but also those who also see the art, class, sophistication, and style in enjoying a properly sourced and well-made cocktail. That being said, the end goal is to simply get together, share knowledge, and ultimately, enjoy some damn fine drinks.

Events in this group will focused on getting together, exploring, and appreciating the finer elements of cocktails. This will be done, of course, by making the cocktails ourselves! Each event will be focused on a theme, whether that theme be the celebration of a venerated cocktail, such as the Old Fashioned or the Negroni, or a spirit itself, such as cognac and bourbon. We may even do themes based on things like movies or TV shows, like James Bond.

However, these events are much more than just paying tribute. Members are encouraged to try other's unique takes and variations on these cocktails. Knowledge and lore exchange is definitely a huge part of all this, with the hopes of learning something new every time!

While I haven't figured out the best approach for this yet, ideally, every event will be stocked with theme appropriate spirits and craft ingredients (i.e. fresh squeezed lime juice, handmade simple syrup, etc.) as well as the standard bar tools (muddlers, bar spoons, mixing glasses, etc.) and glassware. As of now, it’s up in the air on whether it'll be BYOB or a simple cover charge, just whatever works best.

It's definitely worth mentioning that that isn't a group oriented towards just merely getting together and having drinks together. While that's always a good time, there are already a ton of social oriented Meetup groups already for that exact kind of event. This group is meant for the true cocktail connoisseur, so namely cocktail enthusiasts, "mixologists", bartenders, and other industry people. However, it's also meant to be inclusive for anyone who just wants to learn more!

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