Weekly Satsang with Michael & Dan


Every week on Wednesday

Michael Jeffreys' apartment

1516 Purdue Ave. #7 · Los Angeles, 90025, CA

How to find us

2 story peach building w/white iron fence on E. side of st. Enter thru white metal gate, take stairs on left to #7. OK to park on street; also there is a city lot on Purdue ave., just N. of Santa Monica blvd that's only 1.00 per hour & free after 9pm

Location image of event venue


Hi and Welcome!

The West LA Weekly Satsang is for those that are serious about awakening to their true nature. Nonduality/Direct Path is the basis of the teaching and Self Inquiry/Noticing are our tools to see that the "me" is not our true nature. That what we already are is inherently free, unlimited, timeless and changeless. It's our ignorance to this fact that keeps us suffering, and thus it's our ignorance that needs to go.

We meet in my apartment in West Los Angeles every Weds. evening from 7-9:15pm.

7pm arrival (Please wait outside the gate and I will come down and let you in. Note that after 7:15pm the gates close and there will be no one to let you in so please be on time.)
7:15-7:35pm Silent meditation
7:35-9:10 Dharma talk by Michael & Dan and Q & A
9:10-9:15pm Silent meditation #2

By Donation: You give whatever you feel to give.

The “me” is always aggrieved, always feels slighted, always on guard, always keeping track of the “score” and thus is NEVER at rest, never truly at peace. The “me” is like a bucket with a permanent hole in it… no matter how many times you try to fill it, it never works. In other words, there is no hope for the “me.” There is nothing that you can do to fix the “me” because the hole is permanent, i.e., the “me” will NEVER be satisfied.

Seeing clearly that the “me” is not actually you is the only thing that truly works. Not taking the “me” seriously. This is freedom… this is peace… this is love… not for any reason, but because that’s this moment’s nature when the “me” isn’t around.

-Michael Jeffreys

Location: Michael's Apartment, 1516 Purdue Ave. #7, Los Angeles, CA 90025. Free street parking (There is also a city lot just N. of Santa Monica Blvd on Purdue Ave. available for only 1.00 per hour and free after 9pm.)

For questions about satsang or one-on-one sessions, you can email Michael at: [masked]