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What we’re about

For players new to our group, we play on Sunday mornings (8-11a) and Monday and Thursday evenings (6-10p).  Please note the location and times to make sure that they work best for you, when you decide to sign up with us.

Our basic rules of play at our meetups:

1.  Please, no beginners.  You must be a C-level or above player who has had experience playing by rules.

Everyone in this group should know AND respect the basic rules of volleyball. We do play with some loose rules. (Open hand setting the ball can have some rotation but no lifts or carries.  No open hand receives on the serve. No setting over the net).

2.  Three hits: bump, set, spike.

3.  No touching the net during play.

4.  Play to 21, rally scoring.  Unless we have court restraints, then we play to 15.

5.  Most importantly, being competitive and yet having fun!

See you on the sand!