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Easy Essentials of Marketing as a Spiritual Practitioner (Developing a Presence)

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Are you already a spiritual practitioner, and/or are you starting a venture - whether as a side hobby or as a full-fledged business - as a practitioner in the spiritual realm, but you don't know where to start, including:

- how to brand yourself (and how it's much, much different from other types of businesses),
- how to purchase a URL and develop a basic Website,
- how to use different forms of social media and multimedia to reach your audience,
- how to build an email contact list,
- how to price yourself,
- how to build a network among other practitioners to support each other and help each other grow,
- how to support other practitioners while still developing your own specialty area(s),
- how to truly be/stay heart-based in your marketing efforts,
- ... and use any number of other tools to help support your efforts!

This meetup is being created to help you with "everything you've ever wanted to know about marketing as a spiritual practitioner but were afraid (or didn't know where) to ask"! I've been working as a spiritual practitioner since 2010... and before that, I had 20 years working in marketing and communications. Though I currently don't practice marketing for anyone except for myself, I've been getting heavy guidance to do this meetup to help others who do this work... because the time for all of us is NOW!

We're going to meet monthly and cover a series of different topics every month... from larger, tool-based topics such as developing a basic Website, how to use social media (such as Facebook and Twitter), how to use Skype and online meeting services to your advantage, to topics very specific to working as a spiritual practitioner, such as ethics, why it's important to (and how to) present yourself "from the heart," etc.!

This first gathering is seeing what everyone would like to cover, where we would like to meet, talking about some basics, and planning out a schedule of topics for the next several months. You can come to one, a few, or all... whatever you need to help you on your way!