What we're about

Are you a bright mind?

Then come join our community, where every month the most talented people educate everyone else by doing mini-workshops or by doing interactive sessions. Each event is properly organized and speakers will jam whatever the know in under 30 mins; So you get to learn a lot properly in the shortest time possible.

Oh, and did we forget to mention the free pizza? That's right, Every month!

Listen to some of the most brightest minds. Listen to speakers as they demonstrate different technologies and interactively try to explain it, helping you learn! The speakers are experts in their field and are people who want to contribute back to the community.

You too can get a chance to speak! If you think there's something you'd like to share, then just get in touch with any of the organizers and we'll make sure you're on the spotlight. We'll take care of advertising, hosting the pizza and setting up the location. All you'll have to do is just bring a topic and share that. If you're afraid of speaking, we can get someone (on the stage) to help you out as you speak.

Socialize and get pipping hot pizza, for free. After every event, you'll have a chance to socialize with the speakers and meet amazing people that probably share your exact same interests.

And most importantly have fun. Learning is a gift, and the people you'll meet enjoy it a lot. So why not join us?

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Kucoin Meet up ( Mumbai )

Rise Mumbai

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