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SKIN CLINIC , Have your moles, lesions, tags looked at by D T

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Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren

MD, DC, LN, CCN, DABFM, DACBN, FABDA , Nutritional, Environmental & Functional Medicine

Skin Treatment Clinic

Remove disturbing lesions, tags, moles, blemishes


for appointment or more info:

contact Lisa Tomasi, 239 641 5559

Dr T will examine any questionable areas

and give you a quote to treat them.

The examine is FREE!

Do you have disturbing moles, skin tags, keratosis and other lesions on your body. ALL TYPES of skin lesions can be removed - birth marks, moles, blemishes, freckles, senile hemangiomas, solar/actinic keratoses, seborrheic keratoses, enlarged pores (associated with prior "back heads"), sebaceous cysts, son spots, hormonal lesions, Xanthelasmas, fatty deposits, viral warts and molluscum, condylomas, and more suspicious lesions (flat and dark or rough).

Are you not clear if they are potentially dangerous? Dr. Tel-Oren uses a gentle, non-medical, non-scaring, painless, proven over 23 years, and aesthetically pleasing method of removing these lesions from your body. The profits are donated to a non-profit, supporting schools, clinics and sustainable development in rural poverty-stricken Nepal.

How are they removed?

Dr. Tel-Oren lightly applies to the lesion his safe, effective non-medical liquid - modified trichloracetic acid(similar yet gentler than the one mentioned in the AMA Journal, April 8, 1972, p 210: and Obstet & Gynec. Audio-digest Vol 20 #2, Jn 23, 1973) Even small children can tolerate the slight burning sensation (similar to a mosquito bite).

The lesion's nutrition is restricted by the liquid, which causes the circulation to constrict. The best results are achieved with growths on the face (any size!). Mild de-pigmentation may occasionally occur on the arms, legs & torso, especially when melanin-containing or cancer-prone flat areas are treated. Any deeper layer of pigment that might remain can be safely retreated, as no blood vessels are penetrated.

Dr. T. is a sought after holistic scientist who educates medical professionals and the general public about functional medicine and disease prevention via truly natural lifestyle and dietary modification. He is a licensed European Medical Doctor, Licensed Nutritionist and is American Board Certified of Functional Medicine, of Oxidative Medicine and of Chelation Therapy. He is the founder of several holistic non-profits in US and Nepal, Asia, Africa & Europe.