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Market: TIVOLI
Farmer's Market Open air market that features vendors with organic & pesticide/chemical free seasonal produce, freshly baked goods, gourmet olive oils, salsas, spices, sauces, nuts, along with the usual handmade modern crafts. ---------- This is a non-host event, meaning that you are on your own to browse the farmers' market at your pace. Do not expect for someone to be there from our meetup to greet you. But if you see a fellow Meetup member at the market - please say hello! Please note that farmers often start to pack up and leave up to a half hour before closing time.

Tivoli Village

302 South Rampart Boulevard · Las Vegas, NV

What we're about

--> IF YOU WANNA BE A MEETUP ORGANIZER, rather than start a new group, please consider joining ours! We welcome like-minded team leaders to group! Here are the proposed topics: (

Welcome to our "REAL Foods" & Raw Organic LIVE Whole Foods
Why YOU want to join OUR Las Vegas Meetup:

Feel Better NOW!
Learn how to improve your health through your FOOD choices. We focus on "Conscious Eating." This means whole foods, raw and living foods, organic and GMO-free diet, nutrition and nutrient-dense food, physical healing, holistic addiction recovery, vegan recipes, vegetarian cooking and especially RAW FOOD UN-cooking.
Our chief aim is to eat healthier today, than we were eating yesterday!

Feel Happy!
Meet others on the same path who are improving energy by holistic means. LIVE better by attending events about: holistic wellness, healthy lifestyle, gardening, growing food, survival techniques, free fun, energy consciousness, prayer, meditation, stress reduction, personal success and financial abundance!
We embrace all rivers of knowledge that lead to the ocean of truth.

Make New Friends!
Food can be a foundation for fun! Attend events that combine music, art and other topics.
We believe that "Eighty percent of success is simply showing up!"


(The Fruit Monkey is our online mascot.)

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