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Open Music Jamm at Astoria Soundworks. Min 4 musicians!
For my fellow musicians out there, let's do a fun jamm at Astoria Soundworks this week! If you have been missing out on your guitar, bass, keyword or drumming practice, this is your chance! Open Jamm. RSVP needs to be early! 3 hours of non stop jamming! Once I get some RSVPs we can add and decide on a short song list! Let's do this! Need a minimum of 3 other musicians to join in! Max 8 people! Sign up now!

Astoria Soundworks

3801 23rd Ave Ste A12 · Astoria

Respond by: 6/22/2018

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Don't feel like schlepping all the way to the City? Your friends in Manhattan and Brooklyn won't come to Astoria? Don't worry, you've probably already noticed there are tons of great food, drinks, and entertainment right here in Astoria/LIC--and even more great people to share it with. You just gotta to know where to look! Don't live in Astoria? That's ok, too...let us convert you!

Whether for brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks, or sport, "Why Leave Astoria?!" is a fun-loving group for adults to share hidden Astoria (and surrounding) gems.

Don't live in Astoria? that's ok, too, as long as you REEEEALLY like it here. Our group features members from:
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-and even Boston!

Our events focus mainly on food and drink, but also incorporate community service opportunities on a very regular basis. We use this site roughly once per month for meetups.

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